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We would like to thank everyone who came out last Sunday to speak up for the whales and sign the IFAW petition.  We had a very positive response!

ADK-AR & OAU Anti-Whaling Demo, Townsend Park, 6.16.10

The IWC is meeting right now in Morocco.  Let’s keep hoping that they don’t issue a death sentence for the whales.

On a sad note, Oreo’s Law has been tabled until next year.  We at ADK-AR will be monitoring bills that come up for votes and keeping everyone informed so we can rally for the animals.

Upcoming Events:
Saturday, June 26th @ 5:30PM: Vegan Potluck at X’s to O’s Vegan Bakery, 97 4th St, Troy.  Please bring a vegan dish to share (no eggs, dairy, honey, etc.) as well as your own drink and place setting. (We will be having potlucks the fourth Saturday of every month.  Make sure to save the date for August because it is going to be a very exciting event! More details to come soon!)

Sunday, June 27th @ 12PM: Anti-Vivisection Protest at Albany Medical College, Corner of New Scotland Ave and Holland Ave.  In 2008, Albany Med killed 12 dogs, 13 rabbits, 8 non-human primates, 38 pigs, 2 goats, 116 chinchillas and 18,000+ rats and mice (according to AMC spokesperson’s estimates that animals other than mice and rats only make up 1% of their testing).  We will be protesting the fourth Sunday of every month.  Stay tuned for more developments in this campaign soon.

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Urgent Action Alerts

Hi all,

We have a few really urgent action action alerts. The first one needs to be done TODAY (sorry for the late notice) and the others need to be done within the next few days. Please take a moment to help out:

The first is for Oreo’s Law. There will be a vote tomorrow and Oreo’s Law would make it illegal for a shelter in New York to kill an animal that a rescue or No Kill Shelter has offered to save. Makes sense, right? Please go here to send a quick email: It would also be great if you could take a moment to call the following Agriculture Assembly Members:

• William Magee: 455-4807
• Marc S. Alessi: 455-5294
• George Amedore: 455-5197
• Michael Benedetto: 455-5296
• Marc W. Butler: 455-5393
• Clifford W. Crouch: 455-5741
• Francine DelMonte: 455-5284
• RoAnn M. Destito: 455-5454
• Gary D. Finch: 455-5878
• Tim Gordon: 455-5777
• Aileen M. Gunther: 455-5355
• Stephen Hawley: 455-5811
• Barbara Lifton: 455-5444
• Peter D. Lopez: 455-5363
• Alan Maisel: 455-5211
• Margaret M. Markey: 455-4755
• John J. McEneny: 455-4178
• Bob Reilly: 455-5931
• Peter M. Rivera: 455-5102
• Linda B. Rosenthal: 455-5802
• Addie J. Russell: 455-5545
• Frank K. Skartados: 455-5593
• Al Stirpe: 455-4505

The next few alerts are for the whales. The IWC may lift the ban on commercial whaling this month. We collected signatures against this in Albany yesterday. If you were unable to sign the actual petition, please go here and sign the online one:

You can also send an email here (there is a pre-written email):!/event.php?eid=131683476848110&index=1

Thank you!!

Upcoming Events:

Saturday, June 26th @ 5:30: Vegan Potluck at X’s to O’s Vegan Bakery, 97 4th St, Troy.

Sunday, June 27th, 12 – 3PM: Anti-Vivisection Protest at AMC, Corner of New Scotland Ave and Holland Ave.

That’s all for now. Thanks to everyone who came out yesterday to protect the whales. And thanks to everyone who has taken the time to complete the action alerts above for Oreo’s Law and the whales.

Upcoming Events

Check out the Events Page for info on our upcoming events:

Sunday, June 13th: Anti-Whaling Demo in Albany

Saturday, June 26th: Vegan Potluck in Troy

Sunday, June 27th: Anti-Vivisection Demo at AMC in Albany

National Day of Mourning for Animals Imprisoned in Labs

Sunday, May 30th was the first ever National Day of Mourning for Animals Imprisoned on Labs. Michael Budkie of SAEN – Stop Animal Exploitation Now! ( was in Albany the week before, so we planned our event for Sunday, May 23rd to mourn the animals killed at AMC.

Here are a few pictures from the event:

National Day of Mourning for Animals Imprisoned in Labs. 4.23.10. AMC, Albany, NY.

Write up on WTEN site:

Times Union Article:

We’d like to thank everyone who came out, especially Michael who traveled from Ohio for the event!

We’ll be protesting outside AMC the fourth Sunday of every month.