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ADK-AR welcomes Anthony Marr!

World renowned Wildlife Preservationist​,​​ #1 Anti-Hunting Activist,Environmentalist, Author and Speaker, Anthony Marr, who is currently on his 40-​​states-​​in-​​7-​​months C.A.R.E. “Compassion For Animals” speaking tour:

will be in Troy, NY on Saturday, August 28, to speak on Animal Rights; Wildlife Preservation; Environmental Issues and the urgent subject of his second book: “Homo Sapiens! SAVE YOUR EARTH”:

Adirondack Animal Rights will be hosting a vegan potluck followed with a lecture by Anthony which has been proclaimed “life changing” by previous attendees on this tour.  Please bring a vegan dish to share (no meat, eggs, dairy, honey, etc.) as well as your own drink and place setting to the potluck.

Place: X’s to O’s Vegan Bakery, 97 4th Street, Troy, NY
Time: 5:00PM

RSVP to Jessica  at the below email:

Anthony Marr is a world renowned environmentalis​t and animal rights activist, has a degree in physics and is the author of 2 books on environmental issues. A wildlife preservationist​ since 1995, his work in India garnered him the title of “Champion of the Bengal Tiger” in the award-winning TV-documentary series “Champions of the Wild” which aired in 20 countries on the Discovery and National Geographic channels. (see links below to view the documentary).

“Champion of the Bengal Tiger” video part 1 & part 2 featuring Anthony Marr:

Anthony has conducted 6 Compassion For Animals Road Expeditions (CARE) with this being his 7th such tour. Links at the bottom of this letter will lead you to his websites and blog.

He has also been to Japan, twice, for the whales and dolphins, and was recently honored with the title “Best All-Around Activist of 2010″ by two top U.S. animal rights organizations. He has conducted several high-profile campaigns against the seal and grizzly bear hunts in Canada, deer culls and sea lion exterminations in North America.
Anthony Marr is the founder and president of
Heal Our Planet Earth (HOPE) and
the Global Anti Hunting Coalition (GAHC).
You can find out more about his fascinating life and work in the following websites:

Anthony was also named Grassroots Activist of the Year at this year’s Animal Rights National Conference!


Here are some pictures from recent events!

Vegan Potluck, X's to O's Vegan Bakery, 6.26.10

Anti-Vivisection Demo at Albany Medical College, 6.27.10

Anti-Vivisection Protest at Albany Medical College, 6.27.10

Just a few updates tonight.

An Albany man has admitted to killing a cat (drowning it and then
setting its body on fire) and injuring two others a few months back.
See the article here for more details:
Please write to the judge and ask him to give the maximum sentence:
Honorable Dan Lamont
Albany County Judicial Center
6 Lodge Street
Albany, NY 12208
The sentencing is supposed to be in September, so let’s keep up the
pressure and I’ll keep you updated on this case.


This weekend the “Got Milk?” Milk Mustache Mobile Tour is coming to
Albany for two events:

WHEN: Fri, Jul 23, 2010 | 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM
WHERE: Empire State Plaza 304 Madison Ave Albany, NY 12210
July 23rd- July 24th the 2010 Milk Mustache Mobile ‘Milk the Moment’
Tour will be visiting Albany hosting FREE events that feature a
variety of fun and educational activities for the entire family. The
tour also offers moms a chance to share how they ‘milk the moment’ at
dinnertime for a chance to win an unforgettable family dinner
experience with a celebrity chef Tyler Florence.

When: Saturday, July 24, 11 a.m.
WHERE: Crossgates Mall, 1 Crossgates Mall Road Albany, NY 12203
PHONE: (312) 988-2373

Please send a comment here telling them why dairy is cruel:

Submit a letter to the editor in the Times Union here:

Also, if anyone is available to leaflet/protest the events, please let
me know. I’m planning on going to the Friday location.


Upcoming Events:

Vegan Potluck
Saturday, July 24th @ 5:30PM
X’s to O’s Vegan Bakery
97 4th Street, Troy
Event page:

Please join Adirondack Animal Rights for a Vegan Potluck at X’s to O’s
Vegan Bakery. This is a great opportunity to hang out, network, meet
new friends and connect with current friends.
Please bring a vegan dish to share (no animal products including eggs,
dairy, honey, etc.) as well as a drink and your own place setting.
Be sure to save the date for next month’s potluck which is on
Saturday, August 28th. We’ve got a very special guest speaker coming.
You won’t want to miss it!

Anti-Vivisection Protest at Albany Medical College
Sunday, July 25th @ 12PM
Corner of Holland and New Scotland Ave, Albany
Event page:

Event #4 in our monthly campaign at Albany Med against their cruel and
unnecessary use of animals.
Some facts about vivisection, in case you are under the impression
that it is necessary to torture and kill animals (quoted from A
Critical Look at Animal Experimentation by the Medical Research
Modernization Committee):
“While mice, rabbits and monkeys born with severe combines
immunodeficiency can be infected with the AIDS virus (HIV), none
develops the human AIDS syndrome. Of over 150 chimpanzees infected
with HIV since 1984, only one allegedly developed symptoms resembling
those of AIDS.”
“Indeed, since the first HIV vaccine clinical trial in humans in 1987,
more than 100 clinical trials have been funded by the U.S. National
Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases through mid-2006. Yet
every one of the more than 50 preventative vaccines and more than 30
therapeutic vaccines that were successful against HIV/AIDS in primate
studies has failed in human clinical trials.”
“Since 1990, several hundred gene therapies that were successful in
animal studies have been tested in thousands of patients worldwide.
Yet only one gene therapy, for children with the severe immune system
disorder X-SCID, appears to have succeeded. Of the ten successfully
treated children, however, three developed leukemia and one of them
died of it – a side effect that animal experiments failed to predict
and that prompted the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to halt
several gene therapies in 2005.”
“Animal testes are frequently misleading. Milrinone increased survival
of rats with artificially induced heart failure, but humans taking
this drug experienced a 30% increase in mortality. Fialuridine
appeared safe in animal tests, but it caused liver failure in 7 out of
15 humans taking the drug, five of whom died and two of whom required
a liver transplantation. Animal studies failed to predict the
dangerous heart valve abnormalities in humans caused by the diet drugs
fenfluramine and dexfenfluramine.”
“Hormone replacement therapy increased women’s risk of heart disease,
breast cancer and stroke, but experiments with mice, rabbits, pigs and
monkeys had predicted the opposite effect. The widely prescribed
arthritis painkiller Vioxx appeared safe and even beneficial to the
heart in animal tests, but was withdrawn from the global market in
2004 after causing en estimated 320,000 heart attacks, strokes and
cases of heart failure worldwide – 140,000 of them fatal.”
“Animal tests also failed to predict the cases of partial or total
blindness suffered by some med taking the popular impotence drug
Viagra. Despite mandatory, extensive animal testing, adverse drug
reactions remain the fifth leading cause of mortality in the United
Stated, accounting for more than 100,000 deaths per year.”
(Please check the event page for more facts.)
We are still focusing on the fact that rats and mice feel pain and
fear just like any other animal.
We’ll also be focusing on the numbers… In 2008, Albany Med killed 12
dogs, 13 rabbits, 8 non-human primates, 38 pigs, 2 goats and 116
chinchillas. They claim that 99% of their research is done on mice and
rats. Mice and rats are not included in the Animal Welfare Act and
therefore do not have to be reported. Therefore the 189 animals that
Albany Med reported to have killed in 2008 represent only 1% of the
total number of lives taken.
After some simple math, the actual number of lives taken in 2008 is
closer to 19,000. That’s Nineteen Thousand.
We do no accept this number. We do not accept Albany Med’s “excuses”
that this cruelty is necessary. It is not, and we will continue to
remind them of this on the fourth Sunday of each month.
More details to come very soon regarding this campaign!


Don’t miss the 4th Annual – NY’s Capital Region Vegetarian Expo (event
page: on
Saturday, October 2nd from 10AM – 5PM. Adirondack Animal Rights will
have a table with campaign information and more!

Hope to see you all at our upcoming events!