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ADK-AR Events this weekend

Hi all!  Don’t forget about this weekend’s events:

Saturday, August 28th 5:00PM: Vegan Potluck with Special Guest Anthony Marr
X’s to O’s Vegan Bakery
97 4th Street, Troy
Please bring a vegan dish to share, as well a drink and your own place setting.

This event is free, however a $5 donation for Anthony’s travel expenses would be greatly appreciated! Come eat a bunch of food, listen to Anthony’s presentation, get yourself an ADK-AR shirt and a VegCap Vegan Dining Guide, sign a petition against the construction of the Oswego slaughterhouse, get some AMAZING X’s to O’s Vegan Bakery goodies for dessert and have an all around awesome time! Hope to see you there!

Sunday, August 29th 12:00PM: Anti-Vivisection Demonstration at Albany Medical College
Corner of New Scotland and Holland Avenues, Albany

In 2008, Albany Med killed 12 dogs, 13 rabbits, 8 non-human primates, 38 pigs, 2 goats and 116 chinchillas. They claim that 99% of their research is done on mice and rats. Mice and rats are not included in the Animal Welfare Act and therefore do not have to be reported. Therefore the 189 animals that Albany Med reported to have killed in 2008 represent only 1% of the total number of lives taken.
After some simple math, the actual number of lives taken in 2008 is closer to 19,000. That’s Nineteen Thousand.
We do no accept this number. We do not accept Albany Med’s “excuses” that this cruelty is necessary. It is not, and we will continue to remind them of this on the fourth Sunday of each month.

Please contact the Adirondack Museum one more time…

Hi everyone! Thanks so much for your help in the campaign to stop the Adirondack Museum from skinning and fleshing a beaver at their American Mountain Men event this weekend.

Please help us out one last time: TOMORROW, Thursday, August 19th between 2 – 3pm (or whenever you’re free!)

Please email the following people and let them know that skinning and fleshing a beaver for any reason, whether it was already dead or not, is wrong.,,,,,,,,,,,

Call them, too! (518) 352-7311

And then leave a comment on their FB page.


Please Email the Adirondack Museum in Protest of the Beaver Skinning Demonstration

Please send a quick email to the addresses below today between 3:30 and 4:30, but if you can’t just send it whenever! Every email counts!
“The grounds of the Adirondack Museum will become a lively 19th century tent city with an encampment of American Mountain Men interpreting the fur trade and a variety of survival skills. Discover the equipment and techniques mountain men used for backwoods cooking while out on the wilderness.
The group will interpret the lives and times of traditional mountain men with colorful demonstrations and displays of shooting, tomahawk and knife throwing, furs, fire starting and cooking, clothing of both eastern and western mountain styles, period firearms, and more. This year’s encampment may include blacksmithing as well as a beaver skinning and fleshing demonstration.
Participants in the museum encampment are from the Brothers of the New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts segment of the national American Mountain Men organization. Participation in the encampment is by invitation only.
All of the American Mountain Men activities and demonstrations are included in the price of regular Adirondack Museum admission. There is no charge for museum members.”


Many have emailed the Museum asking them to remove the horrible beaver skinning and fleshing demonstration from their program and received this generic response:

“The Adirondack Museum fully understands and appreciates the concern for animals expressed by the many people who have written in protest about the beaver-skinning demonstration that may be included in the American Mountain Men Encampment.

It is important to understand that a beaver is not killed for this
interpretive program. The animal used has died from natural causes, is the victim of a highway accident (road kill) or has met an untimely end in some other manner. The deceased beaver is used for teaching purposes and the members of the encampment are themselves educators.

The American Mountain Men interpret the fur trade. The extent of the fur trade and the near decimation of the beaver population in North America are a shameful part of our history. Millions of beavers were killed to meet the whims of fashion – primarily for beaver top hats. For many people, “the fur trade” is a phrase found in high school history textbooks. Words on a page, far removed from living animals.

The beaver-skinning demonstration, accompanied by a sound description of what the fur trade actually meant to beaver populations, is a reality check. It is offered by the American Mountain Men and the museum as an educational opportunity so that this sort of disregard for animal life will not happen again.

Thank you very much for your concern.”


Well this response just isn’t good enough for us, as we’re sure it isn’t for you.

Please send an email to the following addresses and tell them that their generic email isn’t good enough for you. Elaborate as much or as little as you want. Tell them that you still will not be visiting the museum as long as they are planning on perpetuating barbaric acts on our fellow animals. Tell them that it doesn’t matter how the beaver died, it’s still a bogus event. I, personally, don’t see how showing people how to skin and flesh a beaver teaches respect for life and not a disregard for it. Say whatever you think!:,,,,,,,,,,

You can also call them at (518) 352-7311
and comment on their FB page.


Thank you all so much! Please share this info with your friends so we can have the maximum impact and stop this atrocity from happening!

Oswego County Update: Please protest the building of the Bion monstrosity

Please read this article about the proposed slaughterhouse to be built in Oswego County which would house 72,000 cattle and be the largest individual cattle facility east of the Mississippi.

The next Oswego County Legislature meeting will be held on Thursday, August 12th, 2pm at the H. Douglas Barclay Courthouse, Pulaski. Please attend if you are able and encourage your friends and family to do the same.  We need to speak out against this proposed monstrosity.

Contact your Oswego County legislators here.

Sign the petition here.

Please share this information.