Volunteers and College Students Needed

We need your help to gather more supporters and effectively share our message in the area.

Any big event such as a concert or sporting event, college campuses and busy areas of town are great opportunities for leafletting.  Handing out literature is really easy, especially if you enjoy interacting with others, and can make a big impact.  It’s true that some people will not even consider the information you’re giving them, however others will take that information home and really think about it and even make changes in their own lives.  The moral of the story is that you never know just how big of an impact you’re making.

If you’re interested in leafletting at local events/areas, email us at adkanimalrights@gmail.com.  We’ll provide literature if we can.  Contact us with any events and locations you think need our attention as well.

We’d also like to build up a base of volunteers at local college campuses to recruit supporters and publicize our events.  If you’re interested email us with your contact information and the name of the college you attend.

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