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Happy New Year from Adirondack Animal Rights

We’d like to wish you all a happy, safe and compassionate new year!

Our first year was a busy and productive one.  We held six vegan potlucks at X’s to O’s Vegan Bakery; three included presentations by Michael Budkie of Stop Animal Exploitation Now!, Anthony Marr of Heal our Planet Earth and Global Anti-Hunting Coalition, and Jenny Brown of Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary.  We tabled at the NY’s Capital Region Vegetarian Expo, handed out literature outlining the cruelties of the dairy industry at a Got Milk? event at Empire State Plaza, collected petition signatures against the legalization of commercial whaling, against marine mammal captivity at Miami Seaquarium, in support of Skye’s Law and against the proposed Bion slaughterhouse in Oswego County.  We organized many protests against vivisection at Albany Medical College, Ringling Bros. and Walker Bros. circuses, the Adirondack Stampede Charity Rodeo, and the fur industry on Fur Free Friday.  We held a vegan bake sale as part of the Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale, organized film screenings of The Cove and Sharkwater and campaigned to raise awareness of a beaver skinning demonstration held at the Adirondack Museum.  We had an article discussing the cruel and unnecessary nature of hunting published in the Adirondack Explorer, countless letters to editors were printed in area papers, a few of our events were covered by local news stations and newspapers and we were even blogged about a couple of times.  You can now follow us on Facebook and Twitter, join us on Meetup and ask us any questions you have about animal rights and veganism anonymously on Formspring.

The new year will be bringing many new and exciting things.  We’re revamping the website and we’ve organized our first event of the year: our First Annual Vegan Chili Cookoff at X’s to O’s Vegan Bakery on January 22nd.  (More details to come on that soon!)  We’re also introducing blog posts about many different subjects, so you’ll be seeing much more than just news and updates about events here.  This is going to be a very exciting addition to the website.  If you’d like to submit a blog entry, please send it to us at adkanimalrights@gmail.com for our review.

Is your New Year’s Resolution to go vegan? It’s never too late to choose compassion in the new year! We’ll be releasing details soon about vegan resolution support. Stay tuned for more!

Thank you for your support and keep on fighting for animals’ rights!

Ringling Bros. Protests

We had a very successful weekend protesting Ringling Bros. outside the Glens Falls Civic Center.  Thank you to everyone who came out, especially those who traveled to get here.  Attendance numbers did not seem at all impressive, most likely due to the numerous other events going on in Glens Falls over the weekend.  Circus-goers were definitely thinking about our signs as they entered the Civic Center and we’re sure that a good number of them will not be attending the circus next time Ringling Bros. rolls into town.

Elephants in their fenced-in area in a parking lot outside the Civic Center. Glens Falls. 9.24.10

Lions in their fenced-in area in a parking lot outside the Civic Center. Glens Falls. 9.24.10

Lions in a cage. Glens Falls. 9.24.10

Protest before 1:00PM show. Glens Falls. 9.26.10

Awesome group of kids educating the public about circus cruelty. Glens Falls. 9.26.10

Protest before 5:00PM show. Glens Falls. 9.26.10.

You can see more pictures of the demos and animals on our Facebook page.

Circus Protest Pictures, Foie Gras Protest and More Circus Protests

Shrine Circus Protest 9.11.10

We would like to thank everyone who came out for the Shrine Circus (Walker Bros. Circus) protest on Saturday.  We had a small, but dedicated, turnout and the day went pretty well with many honks and thumbs ups from passersby.  Two separate people actually saw us protesting and stopped to join us!  Attendance at the circus wasn’t very high, probably because it wasn’t very widely advertised.  Ringling Bros will have a much higher turnout and we’re gearing up for demonstrations before each of the six shows.  (More details below.)

Shrine Circus Protest. Queensbury, NY. 9.11.10 (Pony ride tent)

Shrine Circus Protest. Queensbury, NY. 9.11.10

Please contact the following people regarding circus cruelty:

Ask the Oriental Shriners not to use circuses with animal acts for their future fundraisers:
Phone: 518-233-0461
Email: webmaster@orientalshrine.org
Mail: 75 Water Plant Road, PO Box 269, Troy, NY 12182

Ask the West Glens Falls Fire Company not to allow circuses with animal acts to use their field in the future:
Phone: 518-792-8144
Mail: 33 Luzerne Road, Queensbury, NY 12804

Ask your elected official to ban circuses that use animal acts from Queensbury:
Find your Ward Councilmember’s contact information here and email Town Supervisor Dan Stec at Supervisor@queensbury.net or call him at 518-761-8229.

Foie Gras Protest 9.19.10

Some of our good friends from Dutchess County Animal Rights and other groups are protesting Hudson Valley Foie Gras at the Rhinebeck Farmer’s Market this Sunday and there will be media coverage of the event.  HVFG is the largest supplier of foie gras (fatty goose or duck liver created by force-feeding the animals with a metal pipe shoved down their throats) in this country.  Find out more about the campaign here.
Sunday, September 19th
10:00am – 2:00pm
Rhinebeck Farmer’s Market
61 East Market Street
Rhinebeck, NY

Ringling Bros Protest 9.24 – 9.26.10

Ringling Bros is coming to the Glens Falls Civic Center this month and we hope you will join us for a protest before each show time.

Friday, September 24th: Demo at 5:30
Saturday, September 25th: Demos at 10:00, 2:00 and 6:00
Sunday, September 26th: Demos at 12:00 and 4:00

In addition, please contact the following people regarding circus cruelty:

Ask the Glens Falls Civic Center to book only circuses with all human performers in the future.
Website contact form: http://www.glensfallscc.com/contactus/
Phone: 518-798-0366
Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/jessica.ryle#!/GlensFallsCC?ref=ts

Contact your elected officials and ask them to ban circuses with animal acts from Glens Falls.
Find your Ward Councilmember’s contact information here and email Mayor Jack Diamond at mayor@cityofglensfalls.com or call him at 518-761-3804.

Q101.7 Classic Hits has been playing the Ringling Bros advertisement all day long.  Contact Rick Knight at rknight@adirondackbroadcasting.com or 518-615-1017 and Tom Barney at tbarney@adirondackbroadcasting.com or 518-615-1000 and ask them not to accept advertisements from companies that abuse animals.

If you know anyone else who is promoting Ringling Bros in Glens Falls please let us know.

We had a very successful weekend with our biggest potluck yet on Saturday and a great turnout at our Anti-Vivisection Demo at Albany Medical College on Sunday.

Vegan Potluck with Special Guest Anthony Marr. X's to O's Vegan Bakery. Troy, NY. 8/28/10

Vegan Potluck with Special Guest Anthony Marr. X's to O's Vegan Bakery. Troy, NY. 8.28.10

Anti-Vivisection Demonstration at Albany Medical College. Albany, NY. 8.29.10 (Photo by Linwood Bingham)

Anti-Vivisection Demonstration at Albany Medical College. Albany, NY. 8/29/10 (Photo by Jess Ward)

Anti-Vivisection Demonstration at Albany Medical College. Albany, NY. 8/29/10 (Photo by Jess Ward)

You can read Anthony’s blog post about NH and NY potlucks, including ours, here.

Make sure to subscribe to our blog by clicking the button near the top right of this page to stay updated on our events, news and, soon to come, actual blog posts about stuff other than events and news!  We now have ADK-AR shirts for sale at all of our events and VegCap Vegan Dining Guides for the Capital Region and Not in My Neighborhood lists of local businesses that profit from animal exploitation available.

We will have protest schedules for circuses coming to Queensbury and Glens Falls and much more very soon.